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What is exhibit24x7
Ans: is a virtual or online exhibition with specific shortlisted sectors, in view of its growth prospects and global universal demand. With EXHIBIT24X7, the manufacturers and suppliers can demonstrate their products and innovations to millions of visitors globally visiting the site and connect with them, further they can discuss business and move towards the closing. Exhibit4x7 is a platforms that can mark as beginning to meet your best business partner at minimal time & cost.

Why exhibit24x7
Ans: Exhibit24x7 is an alternative & online version of the physical exhibitions in which with minimal cost through soft inventory you can publicize your products brands & innovations to global prospects and partners visiting online all through-out the year. With exhibit24x7, the physical obligation to be present from the very beginning, need for freight and additional sample inventory like messy cost can be saved and can be further fruitfully exploited.

Why exhibit or participate in exhibit24x7

Why visit exhibit24x7

How does exhibit24x7 function
Ans: Exhibit24x7 works perfectly on the business marketing and matchmaking directives of the exhibition, such that the requirements of exhibitors and visitors about their targets as whom to be met or who they are looking for is identified and then searched. Upon finding the prospects that meets each other’s expectation, they are intimated to connect and have the conversation & take it forward.

What marketing strategies do exhibit24x7 have
Exhibit24x7 has round the clock marketing strategy to market the platform and the exhibitors; so that it is ensured that they meet their prospect partners/ buyers/ clients round the year. As organizers, we promote it through the exhibitions that we do, direct campaigns, social media and barter media tie ups.

How can we compare the cost and returns of exhibit 24x7 wrt physical exhibitions
Ans: Exhibit24x7 gets its exhibitors and visitors a round the year visibility through its exhibits like catalogue, product video, descriptions, etc. which are soft in nature, so essentially the physical cost of exhibiting, its freight cost, personal travel and time is saved. This way it very much acts as a primary step to reach your buyer and step to the second level of closing that, for which the exhibitor or visitor can/ cannot travel to either of them as per their desecration. With round the year possibility to meet the prospects against one time fee, the cost to exhibit is indeed nominal compared to return.

Is it possible to chat or have conversation with visitors?
Ans: Exhibitors can have chat/video conversation with the visitors – who wish to connect with them at exhibit24x7, based on the subscription pack they have opted. Even there would dedicated timeline table for both exhibitor to understand who have contacted them and for visitor – whom they have contacted. With this it makes both parties to have an effective follow up and have business executed.

Who are the visitors & exhibitors
Ans: Exhibit24x7 has exhibitors and visitors from around the globe. Those who have a product to exhibit to supply can be an exhibitor say a manufacturer, exporter, trader etc. Similarly who ever wants to source the products exhibited either for self-use or consumption or re-selling or value addition can be a visitor. Exhibit24x7 has shortlisted exhibit sectors/product profile, in which exhibitors can classify them and visitors can search from them. To know the shortlisted sectors, please refer to the homepage of exhibit24x7.

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