Terms & Conditions

Participation or exhibiting in the expo is subject to 100% pre-payment. The participation is for 1 year, valid from the date of payment to same date of the next year.

Withdrawal from Participation: if exhibitor wish to withdraw the participation or their account, then payment made by the exhibitor shall not be refunded. If any of the information furnished by the exhibitor or visitor is found or reported to be false or mis-leading or legally prohibited, then the account of the exhibitor or visitor shall be deactivated.

Due diligence of the exhibitor or visitor while closing the business deal or making transaction is to be done by the visitor or exhibitor at their own level & responsibility, Exhibit24x7 or its organizer does not guarantee the authenticity of the exhibitor or visitors or their exhibits or their demand.

Exhibit24x7 is only a virtual trade promotion platform and our thrust is to bring more and more businesses (both demand & supply side) closer and reduce their cross border distance, however exhibitor/visitor have to do their checks and follow their government binding rules and regulations.

Any third party posing as representatives of exhibit24x7 and connect you for exhibiting in this expo, then you are supposed to cross verify the credential of the representative and authorization of exhibit24x7 to act on our behalf. Or directly write to us to verify and proceed. In the absence of such communication or authorization, Exhibit24x7 will not be responsible for the losses incurred by you.